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Acrobat Outsourcing Employee Classes

At Acrobat, we know that the best trained staff is always the best prepared and so we take it upon ourselves to be sure that our staff is given every opportunity to enhance their level of service.  We offer classes in server training with our Academy Academy, TiPS training to certify our bartenders and servers in the sale of alcohol, and we also offer an affordable option to complete your Food Handler’s Certification.  All of these trainings will go with you wherever you take your career, while Acrobat Academy is a training we created especially for our staff, the lessons you will learn will help you no matter what position you take in the hospitality industry in the future.  TiPS® certification and Food Handler’s cards both last three years as well, so the small investment for these courses will certainly help you succeed in furthering your career in new arenas of hospitality as well.  We are very pleased to offer these courses, but if you think of another, please let us know!

Acrobat Academy:

This three-hour course was specifically designed by Acrobat, for Acrobat.  After years of dealing with a multitude of caterers, banquet halls, VIP boxes at sporting events, and several other wonderful venues, we know what it takes to impress our clients with our knowhow and high level of service.  This course was specifically designed to train servers who may not have exclusive Table Service style experience or an employee who may have experience as a busser, barback, dishwasher or cook who feel that they would like to learn the front-of-the-house inside and out.


  • Server vocabulary training: Can you please grab that sterno off of the queen mary and put it over by the chaffing dishes? 
  • Tray Passing and Heavy Tray Carry: Those big trays will never scare you again!
  • Wine Knowledge and Full Wine Service Training: Open a bottle with ease and confidence
  • Table Service serving etiquette: Do I drop on the right and pick up on the left?  Which hand should I use?
  • Learn new serving styles: Russian Service, French Passing, Synchronized
  • Best of all?  It’s FREE!

Call your local office to learn more about our training and when it is being held in your local office.
Classes are being offered once a month.


Wine Service

TiPS Training:

Our TiPS® trained staff circulate the country to offer our staff the opportunity to complete their TiPS® training through Acrobat and become a certified bartender or server in the field of serving alcohol.  Our TiPS® classes are announced via email when the trainers are in your area, but if you would like to become certified, let us know today!  We would love to organize a class at your local Acrobat office.


Wherever alcohol is sold, served or consumed, TIPS® offers concrete benefits for staff and community:

Staff Benefits:

  • Help workers avoid serving alcohol to minors
  • Staff Professionalism – TIPS training enhances the skills of your employees who in turn offer improved service to your customers.
  • TiPS® is a resume builder, as many establishments require this training before employment.
  • TiPS® can be taken with you wherever you go, and it lasts for 3 years!
  • Gives you real-world training to deal with customers under the influence.

Community Benefits:

  • Reduce human tragedy resulting from drunkenness and drunk driving.


TiPS® Classes are $29.95 and must be paid for beforehand.  Please contact your local office for TiPS® offerings.


Food Handler’s Card:Cooks Chef

Acrobat has teamed up with SafeWay Classes to offer Food Handler’s Cards to our staff at a discounted rate.  This process is quick and simple.  First, you get in touch with your staffing manager and pay them the requisite fee for your class.  We will then email you a code to take the class online.  The nice part about doing this through Acrobat, is that you will receive a card in the mail to be used for any other position, but Acrobat will already have a copy on file!  This means you are free to work any job with Acrobat and at the same time, you may use this card for work at any other establishment for up to three years.  So many possibilities!


  • Helps food service staff to learn and understand the best possible ways to prevent foodborne illness.
  • Lasts for 3 years!
  • Can be taken with you to any hospitality position.
  • Is the gold standard for all food service and a requirement to work.
  • The ease of taking the course online leaves it in your hands and on your schedule.


Food Handler’s Classes are $10.00 and must be paid for beforehand.  Please contact your local office to register.


For any questions regarding these classes,
please contact your local office,
or email:


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