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How to Apply: We are always hiring and in search of experienced staff to add to our excellent pool of employees for the vast number of job orders we receive every week.  If you have over a year of experience in the hospitality field, either front or back of the house, please get in touch with us today and see about the amazing opportunities that Acrobat Outsourcing can provide for you.  We also know that in the industry, we all have great friends who are exceptional servers, bartenders and cooks as well.  Let them know to apply with you and attend one of our open calls and Apply Now at a local Acrobat Office!


Acrobat Outsourcing


Or come to one of our Open Calls held each week at the office location nearest you:


San Francisco Corporate Office: call (415) 431-8826 for days and times

San Jose Regional Office: call (408) 844-0772 for days and times

Sacramento Regional Office: call (916) 668-5852 for days and times

San Diego Regional Office: call (858) 546-8300 for days and times

Los Angeles Regional Office: call (562) 492-5300 for days and times

Anaheim Regional Office: call (562) 492-5300 for days and times

Austin Regional Office: call (512) 201-4684 for days and times

Houston Regional Office: call (832) 683- 6776 for days and times

Kansas City Regional Office: call (931) 831-0888 for days and times

Des Moines Regional Office: call (515) 288-8100 for days and times 

New Jersey Regional Office: call (732) 626-4656 for days and times


If you are interested in joining our team, here is a summary of our application process:

  • Applicants must attend our open call in full uniform. FOH applicants must come in Bistro Attire and Culinary applicants in Chef Whites. More detailed descriptions are available under the “Uniform Requirements” tab. Those who are not properly dressed in full uniform will be turned away.
  • Applicants’ resumes will be screened at the door to make sure the experience listed reflects Acrobat Outsourcing’s minimum qualification requirements. We require a minimum of ONE YEAR professional work experience for all positions.
  • Qualified applicants will then take written skills tests for each position that they are applying for. A minimum score of 70% is required to move forward with an interview.
  • If hired, employees must be able to provide current and valid identification to verify their legal right to work in the United States as well as pass a criminal background check.

Acrobat Outsourcing is an Equal Opportunity Employer. If you impress us, we have no doubt that you will do the same for our clients. We wish you the best of luck and look forward to meeting you!



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