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Acrobat simply loves to help good people find amazing jobs. What could be better than empowering talented people to give their best performance and make a difference every day? That is why we are dedicated to giving candidates the training they need to succeed, the recognition they deserve, and the flexibility to choose the jobs that fit their lifestyle.

Why Work with Us?

Variety: Few jobs allow you the luxury of working a baseball game on Thursday afternoon, as part of the party staff at a tuxedo event at City Hall on Friday night, a wedding reception at a gorgeous country club on Saturday, and the chance to spend your Sunday afternoon serving food to guests at an assisted living facility. Regardless of your position, working at Acrobat Outsourcing gives you a behind-the-scenes opportunity at the major hotels, corporations, caterers, cafeterias, country clubs and entertainment venues in some of the most beautiful regions of California, New Jersey, and Texas.

Flexibility: If you have ever wanted to get away for the weekend but could not get the time off work, then you’ll appreciate having a job where you work only when you choose. Some of our employees can only work weekdays after school, others prefer weekends and some are just looking for one extra shift a week. We will offer you a variety of jobs but it’s always up to you to decide which ones fit into your schedule.

Potential Long-Term Jobs: In this business our clients often fall in love with our employees and offer them full-time jobs. They also call us when they have a vacancy on their teams for several weeks or months. If you’re looking to find a position that might last for a prolonged period of time, we can help!

Weekly Pay: We’ve yet to meet an employee who doesn’t appreciate pay day. As such, we are serious about getting our employees their money quickly and easily. You are guaranteed to receive your money every Friday, without fail. At Acrobat Outsourcing, we make sure you get what is owed to you – on time!

We are nationally renowned as an exceptional and amazing company for good reason. Our recipe for success is simple; we have a big vision, a great staff, a leader who takes equal time out for all employees and clients. Our client list continues to grow and we are always on the search for more talent. For even more reasons to work with Acrobat, from Health Insurance to Referral Bonuses, Scholarships and On-Site Training, check out our Employee Incentives by following the link below!



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