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Acrobat Outsourcing Giving Back

June 20, 2014

“Create a positive impact” is now Acrobat Outsourcing’s annual motto. Acrobat wants to positively affect their community and staff. This in-house campaign entails volunteering in walking relays, homeless shelters, and animal rescue centers. To positively affect the community, Acrobat understands the need to get involved in order to strengthen the community and influence the lives of those around the company. With the company’s expansion into the Midwest, Acrobat now has a staff of over 5,000 cooks, servers, bartenders, dishwashers and housekeepers. To pay it forward, Acrobat is providing their employees with extra benefits such as health care assistance, a $1,500 Academic Scholarship and more. Acrobat knows that while helping the community is a top priority, they must first create a positive impact in-house before reaching outward. Acrobat has already started the year off with supporting cancer research at the Relay for Life in San Leandro, California. The 24-hour event was challenging, but a rewarding experience for the internal and external Acrobat staff. Acrobat was honored to be involved in Relay for Life as it is a marvelous event and the American Cancer Society is a noble organization. In the future, Acrobat looks forward to supporting Relay for Life in the future as well as many other causes. Throughout 2014, Acrobat plans to continue their yearly campaign. Acrobat will announce the new events and causes they are aiding on their Facebook page or website. For those that would like to join Acrobat Outsourcing in creating a positive impact, email for more information.

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